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RaycoWylie , Sponsor for the TCNA Conference

To enhance their popular i4500 series, RaycoWylie now offers the telematics solution which is an indispensable tool for any fleet manager. The new RAYCOnnect transmits all essential data via cellular service to a remote computer, tablet or cell phone. This includes GPS location, hours, system diagnostics, preset notifications and more.
RaycoWylie has worked extensively with tower crane specialists to develop a truly flexible and versatile system. From simple to complex, their systems offer extensive features such as zoning (3D Work area limitation) and anti-collision, perfectly suited for all types of tower cranes.
RaycoWylie’s ALL-IN-ONE concept, displaying more than just lmi information, in one high definition color screen, is the choice of operators and crane users worldwide.
With five offices located in USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Egypt and Singapore as well as sales agents and distributors located around the globe, RaycoWylie provides effective service no matter where the customer may be.

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