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LoRa Load & A2B Transmitter

Introducing the 33M0145 LoRa Load & A2B Transmitter from RaycoWylie – a cutting-edge solution for wireless load cell reading and anti-two-block needs. Fully compatible with the i4500 series systems and the i4000 Wireless Display Unit, it offers a robust stand-alone option for enhanced load management and safety.



Our brand new LoRa Load & A2B Transmitter offers the perfect solution for wireless load cell reading and anti two-block.  RaycoWylie now offers the new 33M0145 LoRa Load & A2B Transmitter as an option on all i4500 series systems. The i4000 Wireless display unit is also compatible and can make a great stand alone load and anti two-block solution.


Technical DataInformation
LoRa Load & A2B Transmitter-40°C to 85°C(-40°F to 185°F)
915Mhz Operating Range700m
868Mhz Operating Range200m
Minimum Input Voltage0mV
Maximum Input VoltageGain = 64 : 23,4mV (7.5mV/V)Gain = 128 : 11,7mV (3.8mV/V)
Enclosure RatingIP65
Battery3.6V Lithium "D" Size
Digital Output Resolution16 bits (65 536 steps)
Input Gain SettingOFF : 64ON : 128 (DEFAULT)
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