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i4508 – Anti-collision system for Tower Cranes

SKU: 33D4500-1

The RaycoWylie i4508 is a state-of-the-art tower crane anti-collision system, designed for preventing on-site crane collisions with other cranes and structures. It monitors up to 21 cranes and site obstructions, offering a simple yet detailed solution for both operators and installers. Compatible with the i4507 load indicator systems, it eliminates the need for additional sensors, streamlining installation. The i4508 can function both as part of the i4507 system or as a standalone unit with a 10” color touch screen. It features wireless service capabilities for remote management and is viewable on tablets and PCs, aiding in lift planning and site safety. This user-friendly, cost-effective system is ideal for new and retrofit installations.


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The i4508 RaycoWylie tower crane anti-collision system utilises the latest technology and cutting edge innovation in order to assist in the prevention of on-site crane collisions (crane to crane and crane to structure).

Working with industry experts RaycoWylie have produced one of the simplest, most detailed and versatile anti-collision systems on the market, the system is designed to be intuitive for both the operator and installer to use.

The system can simultaneously monitor up to twenty one cranes on the jobsite as well as site obstructions and prohibited working areas.

The RaycoWylie i4508 anti collision system is fully compatible with the RaycoWylie i4507 load indicator systems, this removes the need for a second set of sensors being installed on the crane and reduces installation and setup time significantly. Both the i4507 and i4508 systems are suitable for new and retrofit installations.

When used with the i4507 the anticollision and load indicator information are displayed via the i4507 display, this reduces hardware in the crane cabin and provides the operator with all the information on one clear screen.

The i4508 anti-collision system is also available as a standalone unit (without the need for an existing i4507 system) this system utilises a 10” colour touch screen display and associated sensors.

The i4508 system boasts wireless service capability offering users the ability to exchange service data wirelessly, this can be used to remotely override the AC system of a crane, locate other cranes on the same jobsite, edit settings and share crane configurations.

The i4508 anti-collision system is also viewable on tablet and PC for management and site personnel to view. This feature assists with lift planning and associated site works, as well as highlighting high-risk work areas and possible project choke points.

The RaycoWylie i4508 is the latest top of the range, cost effective, user friendly tower crane anti-collision
system available. Get in touch with one of our tower crane specialists for more information.


Technical DataInformation
Display Size10″ (4:3 ratio)
Supply Voltage10 to 30 vdc
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