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i4500 – 4.3″ Customizable, Flexible Rated Capacity Indicator (RCI) System

SKU: 33D4500

The i4500 by RaycoWylie, designed for the crane and lifting industry, combines rigorous safety standards with ease of use. This system features a 4.3” full-color display for versatile operation across different crane types. It excels in self-diagnostics, user-friendliness, and easy calibration. Employing the CAN bus J1939 protocol, the i4500 provides accurate monitoring of crane sensors and allows flexible sensor integration, making it a dependable solution for various crane configurations.


The i4500 has been developed to meet the ever demanding regulations and standards of the crane and lifting industry while maintaining simple, clear information for the operator.

Using a full color display in 4.3” screen size means there is always an option to suit your requirements. This coupled with self-diagnostics, operator usability, and ease of calibration keeps the i4500 series ahead of the competition. The systems use the CAN bus J1939 protocol to communicate with each interface, constantly monitoring all the cranes sensors to give clear accurate information to the operator, the CAN bus network also allows huge amounts of flexibility allowing you to add or remove sensors when required at any time throughout the life of the equipment.

The i4500 series has been developed with your crane in mind, whether it’s a 5te telescopic mobile, 100te crawler, 80m luffing tower, 10te flat top tower, swan-neck tower, port crane, barge crane, rail crane or even a complete bespoke machine the i4500 series from RaycoWylie will have the solution for your machine.


Technical DataInformation
Display Size4.3″ (16/9 ratio)
Screen Resolution (pixel)480×272
Display RatingIP67
Accuracy(of rated capacity)In accordance with SAE J159
Operating Temperature-20° C to 70° C(-4° F to 158° F)
Extended Temperature-40° C to 70° C(-40° F to 158° F)
Supply Voltage11 to 36 vdc
CAN bus ProtocolJ1939(CANOpen also available)
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