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w830The Wylie Boom Angle Indicator puts accurate boom position information where a crane operator needs it – in the operator’s cab. The high and low angle warning feature is very helpful when operating a crane under power lines or when carrying out repetitive operations.

Applications :
    • All types of cranes
Features and benefits
      • Clear digital display: The back lighted digital display is easy to read day or night.
      • Settable angle limits: Limits parameters are set by adjusting the high and low angle limits while they are displayed in the digital window. Once set, the limits stay in memory until new limits are set.
      • Audible and visual warning systems: Anytime the displayed boom angle falls outside the range defined by the limit settings, a red high or low limit light and a buzzer are activated.
      • Simple, reliable electronic system. The signal from a pendulum/pot sensor is translated into a digital readout by solid state electronics.
      • Easy installation. The compact metal policarbonate display easily mounts inside an operator’s cab and the weatherproof angle sensor can be mounted on either side of the boom. A connecting cable with plug-in connectors is standard equipment.
Technical Data
      • Digital Display: 1/2" X 2" 4 digits LCD display with backlight
      • Display accuracy: + - 2%
      • Settable limits: Independant high and low angle limit settable between Low : -90° and 89°, High : 0° to 189°
      • Visual warning: High or low red LED's illuminate whenever either limit is passed
      • Audible warning: Buzzer sounds whenever either limit is passed
      • Power requirements: 10 to 40 Volts DC
      • Fuse: 1 Amp
      • Current drain: 175 mA at alarm
      • Temperature range: -22° to 140° F
      • Enclosures: Display: Polycarbonate, Angle sensor: 14-gauge steel
      • Interconnecting cable: Three-conductor cable with PVC external protection 35' long with plug-in connectors (longer connectors are available upon request)


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